After a careful and organic structuring of its staff - also favored by the acquisition of important Italian companies, such as Italo Bartoletti and Garrone Costruzioni Generali - the desire to confront the biggest competitors in the sector has inspired in 2003 the birth of the Consortium Stable SIS Scpa, of which INC holds 51%, with the development of new skills of international standing and the expansion of the historic Turin headquarters.

In the last decade some of the most important Italian public orders have been created and put into service both in the road field (where the Anas di Cesana and Claviere variants and the Macrolotto n.2 of the Salerno - Reggio Calabria motorway), and in the railway-tramway (the Tranvia of Palermo, already in operation and the Passante Ferroviario of Palermo, under construction).

The company is currently also involved in the motorway concessions sector, with the financing and construction of the Pedemontana Veneta toll road, a road network of about 100 km within a rich and flourishing territory such as that of the provinces of Vicenza and Treviso. which, with its value of about 2.3 billion euros, contributes to give the company a well-respected order portfolio in the national and international scene.

The INC operates in Italy and abroad through the establishment of independent operating units from an organizational and fiscal point of view, but always under the supervision and technical direction of the headquarters staff, which allows the use of a high level of technical know-how accrued in decades of experience and to impress the works that are going to build an indelible mark of reliability, safety and cutting-edge technology.

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INC SpA is considered one of the major Italian companies. A report drawn up by the most prestigious Italian weekly in the sector ("Construction & Territory"), placed the company in 19th place in the general companies' ranking, placing it in the sector of leading companies in the infrastructure sector.

The diversification of investments and the growing development achieved also in the other sectors of interest of the holding testify to the momentum and motivations that characterize the entire company staff, from the top to the base. At present, the workforce in the construction sector exceeds 1000 units, with over 50 technicians graduated and qualified. Great attention is paid to the formation of new generations.

To ensure the full satisfaction of its customers, the INC S.p.A. has been certified for quality, safety and respect for the environment for years, guaranteeing efficient and competitive national and international activities.

Certification and organisational model

INC focuses constantly on improving the professional standard of its employees and therefore its productive capacity, both in terms of quality and ability to compete in the market.

According to the high quality requirements of our orders, our work processes are subject to continuous checks by external and independent bodies. Confirmation of compliance with particular quality requirements, scrupulous attention to environmental issues and safety and health regulations in the workplace are granted in the form of certifications and accreditations for the respective areas of application.

Ability to maintain and increase competitiveness for a company means, above all, operating in strict observation of all technical standards and legislation in force, thereby producing work of the highest quality, which can fully meet the requirements of the project, the technical standards and the Specifications, as well as the Client’s expectations.

Performance of our contracts proceeds hand in hand with on-site protection of the health and safety of all personnel, suppliers and any other parties involved in various capacities in the production process, in order to make the completion of complex, sustainable projects compatible with safeguarding our environment for ourselves and for future generations.

The company has implemented an Organisational, Management and Control Model for all its activities, based on observation of its own Code of Ethics and a Policy of Integrated Management Systems that is constantly evolving.

The Employers inspect all company activities, both on a continual and a periodic basis.

INC has developed special dynamic Management and Control Systems, for the pursuit of company goals, while conforming with European and World standards regarding ‘Quality Management’ in line with Italian Standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015; regarding ‘Environmental Management’ covered by Italian Standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2015; regarding ‘Management of Safety in the workplace’ compliant with Italian Standard UNI ISO 45001:2018, and especially regarding ‘Road Traffic Safety’ compliant with Italian Standard UNI ISO 39001:2016. Everything done with the utmost attention paid to ‘Prevention of corruption events’, in full compliance with the UNI ISO 37001:2016 Standard.


The company carefully and systematically organised its staff structure; the desire to engage with the largest competitors inspired in 2003 the launch of the Consorzio Stabile SIS Scpa, in which INC holds a 51% stake, hence fostering the development of new interna- tional expertise and the expansion of the historic corporate headquarters in Turin.

INC SpA is part of Consorzio Stabile SIS


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