Variant SS24 “del Monginevro”

Commissioned by: Regione Piemonte


Upgrading of State Road No. 24 “del Monginevro” in the section between Cesana Torinese and the Italian-French border.
It connects the Lower Susa Valley with adjacent French regions and, therefore, provides a link between the tourist and ski resorts of the Upper Susa Valley (Sestrière, San Sicario, Sauce d’Oulx – the so-called “Milky Way” ski area) and the French tourist zone that gravitates around Briançon.


2005 - 2015

Upgrading of state road N.24 of Monginevro - Section between Cesana and Clavière

Consorzio Stabile SIS (INC 50,9%)

€ 123 M

6,160 (m) of total lenght
1,820 (m) of length Cesana Tunnel
1.280 (m) of length Clavière Tunnel
310 (m) Total length avalanche protection tunnels
25 (m) Bridge on the Piccola Dora River
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