Valona River Road, Lot 3 “Laskos Bridge – Qeparo” – Albania

Commissioned by: Albanian Development Fund


The reconstruction of the Vlora river road aims to give a boost to the growing tourist and commercial activities of the city of Vlora. INC has been awarded lot III of this strategic project, consisting of three sections: Section 1 realize the connection between Laskos bridge to Kuc with a length of 3,762 meters; Section 2 is divided into two segments and connects Laskos bridge with Qafa and Mbretes with Kudhes bridge, with a total length of 15,140 meters; Section 3 goes from the Kudhes bridge to Qeparo, with a length of 4,240 meters.


2020 - ongoing

Executive planning and construction


€ 28 M

24 km of total length
4 bridges with 29 meters spans
Hydraulic manholes Ø 800; 1000 and 1500mm
Culverts 2x2; 3x3; 4x4m
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