SS 16 Adriatica – Ancona Bypass – Lot 1 

Commissioned by: ANAS Spa


Work under the project is for an overall length of approx. 7.2 km affecting the municipal territory of Falconara Marittima and Ancona. The start and finish of the work are located in the same position as the existing junctions of Falconara and Torrette on the existing S.S.16 state highway.

Along the route of the project there are 4 bridges and 2 natural tunnels planned, all in the same positions as existing constructions, with the bridges planned to be either partially re-used or to be demolished and replaced with new constructions.

The tunnels will be adjusted to the road profile of a category B road, by means of boring out the present cross section.


2021 - in progress


INC S.p.A.

€ 156,876 Mln

7,300 m length
Towns affected: Falconara Marittima and Ancona
4 bridges (4.861 m in length)
2 natural tunnels (1,252 m in length)
2 junctions
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