Road Corridor A (CVA) – Buenos Aires Province – Argentina



This is a Brownfield-type Motorway Concession that has a 15-year overall duration (Opex), the first 5 of which include the construction works (Capex). Modernization and enhancement of one of the main roads of Argentina’s motorway network, providing sound reply to the growing demand for mobility between the city of Buenos Aires (Federal Capital) and the city of Bahia Blanca, through the Ruta Nacional 3, and its connection with Mar del Plata through the Ruta Nacional 226.

The work is developed entirely in the Province of Buenos Aires and will represent one of the main ridges both in the north-south direction (with the 406 km of Ruta 3 track falling under the CVA concession, from Las Flores to Coronel Dorrego), and in the east-west direction (with the 300 km of the Ruta 226, from Mar del Plata to Olavarria).


2018 - in progress

Technical design and construction (5 years) e concession management (15 years)

Concesionaria Viaria Cruz del Sur (INC 33,33%)

USD 1.863 Mln for Construction phase (Capex) + about USD 700 Mln for operation (Opex)

706 km of total length
5 new Variants to by-pass urban centers
6 modern toll stations
Embankments m3 11.000.000
Excavations m3 600.000
Granular base c/RAP and/or cement m3 3.000.000
Conventional asphaltic conglomerate CA30 1,500,000 tons
Modified asphaltic conglomerate 950.000 tons
15 years of Concession with an estimated traffic volume of about 25.000 vehicles per day Over 2000 workers for the construction phase (5 years)
Over 200 workers for the operation and maintenance activities (15 years)
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