Rehabilitation of the Durrës-Tirana railway line

Commissioned by: Albanian Railways


  • The rehabilitation of the existing Durrës-Tirana (PTT) line to comply with European standards, improvements to railway infrastructures and services to ensure high safety and interoperability levels.
  • The construction of the new rail link / branch line to Tirana International Airport.
  • The installation of a modern signalling and telecommunications system.
  • The resolution of accessibility and line crossing problems (to render the system safe).
  • Improvements to existing technological systems, to increase the speed and capacity of each line, in compliance with European standards, which will contribute to future extensions to the Albanian rail network towards the south and towards the eastern Balkans.

The design of the Durrës-Tirana line – Tirana Public Transport Terminal (PTT) and the new railway link with the Airport (TIA) consists of:

  1. Section “A”, 34,170 meters long, connecting Durrës to Tirana (PTT Terminal)
  2. A new triangular intersection towards Tirana International Airport (TIA)
  3. “Section C”, 5,697 meters long, consisting of the new railway link between Rinas Airport (TIA) and the new Durrës-Tirana line


2021 - in progress

Final and executive design, construction and commissioning


€ 70 M

41.5 km lenght
7 stations + 1 terminal
1 artificial tunnel (229m lenght)
9 bridges (2 new and 7 demolished and rebuilt)

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