Palermo Tramway System

Commissioned by: AMAT - COMUNE DI PALERMO


The Tramway System of the city of Palermo consists of three lines flowing from the outskirts towards the city center, included in the Integrated Plan for Public Transport.

These lines are named respectively

  • Line 1 “Roccella”
  • Line 2 “Leonardo da Vinci
  • Line 3″ CEP-Calatafimi “


The Palermo Tramway System is configured as “fast tramway or metro-tranvia” according to the definition of the UNI 8379 standard.

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2008 - 2015

Coordination, safety and construction of three tramway lines

Consorzio Stabile SIS (INC 50,9%)

€ 232 M

18.3 km of railway lenght
3 Tramway lines
5 Terminals
39 Stops
2 Depots - Roccella for 18 trams - L. Da Vinci for 12 trams
2 Bridges - 1 bimodal arch bridge on the Oreto River - 1 Einstein bridge
3 Pedestrian Overpasses

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