Palermo Railway Hub

Commissioned by: RFI - ITALFERR


Connection to the electrified double-track of the city of Palermo with the “Falcone e Borsellino” international civil airport of Punta Raisi realized alongside the single electrified single-track sections in operation, modernization and implementation of the technological systems of line and station.

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2008 - 2019

Palermo railway hub

Consorzio Stabile SIS (INC 50,9%)

€ 722 Mln

30 km of total length
19,5 Km of railway cuttings
0,5 km of viaducts
6 natural tunnels (3,2 km)
18 artificial tunnels (5,2 Km)
2,8 km of stations/stops in tunnel or open air
17 stops/stations

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