Lungoirno – Salerno

Commissioned by: COMUNE DI SALERNO


The “Lungoirno” project, in Salerno city center, is of considerable strategic importance as construction of a new urban axis. It permits to promote efficient, rational balancing of main traffic flows of the entire city road network, as well as responding to the need for reorganization of the sites at the edge of the river.
The project consists in construction of a vehicle/pedestrian urban route along the Irno river from the coastline to the boundary of Municipal territory, engineering structures for crossing the bed of the river and deviation of part of this e underpasses of the two railway lines intercepted.


1999 - 2015

Construction of a vehicle/pedestran urban route along the Irno River

INC s.p.a. 100%

€ 30 M

3,7 (Km) of total length
6 Bridges
jacked precasted tunnels (70 m) under 11 working railway tracks
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