Extension of Batasiolo Cellars / Langhe – Piemonte

Commissioned by: BATASIOLO SPA


This new development work has successfully connected the two parts of the building from the inside, no longer needing to head outside to reach the wine-ma- king area.
The structure was built with cast in situ reinforced concrete with regards to the foundations, and the earth-bracing walls, and from a precasted structure for the works above ground and slabs, with a capacity of kg/m2 3.000.
The new barrique cellars are of a strong architectonic and functional impact, dominated by a false ceiling with a wave-shaped design seeking to represent the gentle rolling forms of the surrounding hills, further recalled by the irregular trapezium segmen- ted spans representing the segmentation of lands and vines.


2015 - 2015

Extension of cellar

INC Spa (100%)

€ 2,7 M

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