Today is signed in Olivos the contract for works in the Road Corridor A

23 July 2018

It is the one included in Route 3, which will be a highway on the Azul-Las Flores section, and works on 226 from Mar del Plata to Olavarría.

These are the first contracts that the Government carries out through the Public Private Participation (PPP) system for the construction and refurbishment of routes, and the act will be headed by Guillermo Dietrich, Minister of Transport.

There are two corridors that are initialed: the “Corridor A”, which was awarded to the consortium formed by Paolini, Vial Agro and the Italian company INC (for routes of the province of Buenos Aires); and “Corridor C” to the Cartellone Group (for routes in Mendoza, Córdoba and Buenos Aires). They are more than 1,400 kilometers from national routes 3, 7 and 226.

The first one corresponds to the motorway route on Route 3, in the province of Buenos Aires, which links the cities of Las Flores and Coronel Dorrego.

The winning consortium is formed by the companies Paolini Hermanos, Vial Agro and INC Spa, from Italy. “It’s going to be a historic day for us, since September 1 will be seven years since we began this fight,” said Juan Manuel Crocco, a benchmark for the self-appointed neighbors who drove the highway on Route 3

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